At AKIELO® we have made it our mission to solve the biggest problems in lifestyle, with a unique flair and a modern attitude. Founded out of the determination to re-think everyday products and create beautiful, minimalist and functional solutions that represents you and your style.

In 2017 we launched the first AKIELO Wallet – ALPHA Collection. It was here that we parted ways with the ordinary; the classic bulky wallet. Today, people are carrying less cash and fewer cards, and contactless has made transactions simple and easy. This is why we have worked tirelessly to introduce the best range of stylish yet affordable wallets in the market, and have since launched a range of collections to suit your individual carry needs. 

Our mission is clear – Create distinctive and sophisticated minimalist wallets, that stand out from the crowd yet are casually cool. We ensure every wallet is rooted by a functional and modern design; that encapsulates the slim, secure and durable needs of many, where now ‘less is more’.

With lots of exciting new projects in the pipeline, as we expand our portfolio we’ll always ensure we offer the same affordable prices and unrivalled quality that is now the hallmark of the AKIELO® brand.

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